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Originally Posted by soloscaperman View Post
My bad it's the Redmax 8500 shows it has 4.43 HP. Is there a big jump from the 8001 that I have to this? Anyone have the 8500 for a long period of time with some insight?
I bought an 8500 in 2011. The one I bought blew up, but Redmax replaced it under warranty. The replacement has been fine since. So I used it for cleanups in 2011, 2012, plus it is on the mowing trailer every day for 3 seasons now, we mow an average of 53 lawns weekly. Never a problem. We did replace a damaged air filter cover, but it was user error. I also have two BR600s. I think the 8500 is a little more powerful, but the Stihls are more comfortable.

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