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Originally Posted by Billscaping View Post
The nerve of the democrats to try and help the poor and sick,I had to vote for Obama,republican policy's SUCK I would just like to pay Romneys tax rate not the 21percent I pay,40,000 a day is what Romney makes ill trade pay checks with him ,matter of fact ill trade paychecks with most people who say they can't make it under Obama care. papa johns pizza has to raise his crappy pizza 25 cents to make it under Obama care this guy is worth $600 million,hes a big fat liar and he should give his workers a friggin raise and lower that crappy pizza
And how does imposing costs and regulations that force lay offs and hour reductions help the poor and the sick? How does forcing healthy young people to buy something against their will or pay a fine help the poor and the sick?

As for Romney hes no longer working so its all capital gains which means he was taxed already when he earned that money. But the new rate is 20 percent and then he gives like10-20 percent more to his church and charities. So in truth he gives more than you dollar wise and more than you percentage wise. I know teaching you economics is a wasted venture after reading what you wrote. It just makes me sad to know some are incapable of opening their minds enough to see the truth. Still Ill give it a try Milton Friedman would be a good place to send you but Ill link to something newer and more modern. this deals directly with your tax inequality argument.
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