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I have a 36" and 52" vride both handle every hill I have ever asked it to do. I changed the tire out on the 36" for wider tires which got rid of any rutting issue and tremendously helped on hillsides as well. Also removed one weight on the 36" Amd the only weight on the 52". I highly recommend the 36" for small operations and am always surprised I never see more people with them especially with the high cost of hydro walk behinds. I have one house were the home owner claims to have a 20% include and it climbs it just fine but it also had a complex slope meaning its going down hill and also left to right. Can be a little shakey on it and I don't let the other guys ride this property but will practice on this machine it can do it although I typically use the 52" on this property as it handles it even better. Only complaint I can think of on either vride is I didn't buy one sooner. That being said never tried the gs or vantage but there are zero toro dealers here and didn't care for the motor moving up and down with the deck. Also %20 off makes it even sweeter.
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