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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
I'm still NOT convinced the Exmark 30 or Toro Commercial offer any advantages except for higher mowing heights over my Toro TimeMaster.

On flatter lawns the Personal Pace is ridiculously easy to use. The width of the wheels is the same [increased rutting with 37#+ of mower weight] and the handle folds up AND down for getting under branches and easy stowage on trailer or shop.
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Yes and one of these days I will run across one and give it a try. but out of the Toro and Exmark 30's we have the guys run to the exmark 30 every time for pure ease of the handle mechanism.
One complaint I have is the crap that sticks under the deck and needing to be scraped so often when the grass is wet. Still use the Bravo's for when it gets really wet.
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