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Originally Posted by rob7233 View Post
Ever had the experience of hitting a poop pile near a fence line with your trimmer? You best be wearing glasses and also a face mask would help too... The extra charge is nowhere enough for that.

Domestic animals have a meat based diet vs. plant based. Do you wanna guess why you don't want to track that around into your truck then to your home carpet (where maybe your baby crawls) etc.?
I'm a firefighter/paramedic full time.........I step in way worse stuff on a daily basis.
I've not had to deal with a poop-caked backyard, but yes I have had my share of landmines. I've hit those beautiful little presents and I know its not fun, or tasty. But I'm just saying, if it's THAT big of a deal, just don't do the lawn. Just tell them you can't do the back or whatever area is in question until the poop gets cleaned up.
Just my thoughts on that.
What if the hokey pokey really IS what it's all about?!

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