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You of course took them at face value when they said it was to help the poor and the sick. I look at results and and the inevitable results. The truth is they don't give a damn about you. They want you to stay poor or become poor and they want you dependent they need a permanent underclass to stay in power. So no they were not trying to help anyone other than their selves stay in power. It's the reason rates are doubling and tippling and it isn't even in effect yet. The design is perfect make it so expensive that healthy people drop out of it. Then it causes the insurance companies to lose money even with their new rates so they need to raise them still higher which means more lose their insurance. The end result is 5-10 years from now the Dems say omg we need national health care it isn't fair what has happened to these people. And they they become the party of santa claus where you are dependent on them for life so you dare not vote against them which makes you a proud member of the brand new permanent underclass.
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