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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
This is a totally different world that what you see in Michigan, and as you get older you are also finding out time goes much faster than you could ever believe.

Check back on the post dates and really figure out how long it has been since I talked about having the most rainfall measured in our area in 75 yrs. We had the first measurable rainfall in over a month Saturday night which was 1.2", remember, being a farmer keeps me well aware of rainfall amounts.

We have much thinner topsoil in our area and the ground is full of shale rock, yet you move 15 miles east or south and sand comes into play. The soils in our area dry out extremely fast, and our water table is much lower, comes to within about 30' from the top of the ground in this particular area.

I talk with farmers in the Midwest and upper part of the country that are forced to install drain tile to lower the water table which is very close to the surface, not a problem we deal with. They run this tile on like a 50 to 100' grid at a depth of approximately 4'. Crops in those areas can hold very well with 6 wks. of no rainfall, whereas that period in our area would have crops dying.

The same as cutting grass is totally different in many areas of the country, so is farming. The ground was so dry that when the 1.2" of rain fell Saturday night, the next morning the ground had soaked it up to the point of looking like no more than a heavy dew. Before I checked the two rain gauges I would have bet it rained no more than a couple to three tenths, and honest was extremely shocked to see 1.2" in both gauges.

A week with no rain in our area makes a huge difference, two weeks it is beginning to get dry, three weeks and it is hurting crops from lack of water. We do not have soils with good water holding capability, when growing row-crops, a month without rain can mean the difference of profit or loss.
I was raised up in Hamlet, NC which is about 45 minutes from you and that sand will suck up water as fast as it falls. It can literally rain 3" and the next day be dusty dry. I live in Asheboro now and the red clay here is a whole different animal. I've worn rubber boots all summer long because of the rain.
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