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Originally Posted by sildoc View Post
Hey Exact, How does your mower handle the wet? It seems the commercial units are sub par but that is after running Bravo's. Wished they could make a 30 that kicked butt like the bravo's do in the wet turf.
This is coming from somebody who hates bagging grass and I only do it when forced to....

I have found the TimeMaster to be a very iffy bagger in any wet grass with the TimeMaster lower lift blades..... however I have found that mulch mowing wet soaking grass with the lower lift blades actually works to a point. Once the deck starts to spit out a few is time to stop mower over a tarp...Burlap or whatever scrap deck and continue mowing. I found this less overall work than messing with the yBravo25 then being stuck with wet soaking clippings that needs to be hauled away. As of yet I have not done this with the TurfMaster blades of higher lift.

What I love about these mowers is it looks like your bagging when you're not since the plug clicks in place.


As of yet I have not demoed an Exmark or Toro Commercial.

Higher lift TurfMaster blades do work to a point when bagging but once the mower keeps clogging...grab the yBravo25.

Just for the record my yBravo25 ruts way worse in soggy turf than my TimeMaster. What about for you with the heavier commercial units..?...?
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