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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
This isn't going to be a 6.7 litre from the Ram. More than likely it will be in the 4.5 litre V6 range. If they put a diesel in the Toyota Tundras I'm in. I recently converted all 3 of mine to Tundra 5.7s. Great mileage, tow anything my 3/4 tons did better and look better too.
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The dodge 1500 diesel will be a 3.0L already tested it in a grand Cherokee which weighs the same as a ram and actually has a worse drag coefficient. The 4X2 netted 30mpg highway and 24 I think city. Compare that to the hemi which recommends premium gas that gets 20mpg highway and 16?? City.

Mobile so not looking up the city mpgs I just remember hwy
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