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Both the 7500 and the 8500 MURDER the 8001. I have all of them and it is no contest. I will say my 8001s have a couple thousand hours on them. That is a lot for a small 2 stroke so I know they have lost a little power over the years, but I never remember them blowing nearly as hard as these new blowers do.

The only worry I have with the new 2 strokes coming out these days is their longevity. I have had new trimmers burn pistons up due to running lean. With the old 2 stroke motors, you could feel confident running them 10 years hardcore, all day everyday, with no problems. With the new 2 strokes, I guess I will have to run them hard for another decade and see. I just don't know if I have the confidence in them to last forever. These backpacks aren't what I worry about though, it is the smaller trimmer engines. I have probably right around 400 hours on the 7500 and just a handful on the 8500. We will see. Like what I have seen so far.

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