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Least you wrote where you got all those dim witted talking points from. Well I would classify you as a low information voter and they are a scary group. I don't watch fox nor do I care how long that clown is on vacation for in fact his polls go up when hes gone and he can't remind us how bad he sucks. I don't care who pays what tax rate nor do I feel jealous of Romney's wealth like you. And I would never presume to know what a business would need increase the price of its pizza too, in order to pay for another unknown number i.e. health insurance. I prefer hard numbers and facts not feelings. Oh and I am not a scag fan either.

Joe each state is different and had its own set of mandates before obamacare. I had heard that 4 of them the rates would actually go down because they were already sky high. Perhaps Ohio is in that small group. But for every case I hear it helped lower cost and I read hundreds if not thousands complaining the opposite is true.
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