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Originally Posted by BckYrdLmbrJk View Post
Your truck have much rot? Chevy's love to rot from the inside out. If yer anything like me you'll just keep throwing parts at it. Doesn't hurt anything but yer wallet. Trace everything, fill it up and try your damn hardest to find a leak. Just had to replace my power steering pump not too long ago after replacing all the hoses...and then the cooler...finally the pump. Good luck with it.

What kind of electrical issues have you had?
There is zero rot on the truck. People actually comment on the lack of rust. I think the prior owner had the frame professionally treated at some point. The brake lines were all replaced with nicer type that won't rust as well prior to me buying it.

Electrical wise the low fuel light randomly comes on and the fuel gage drops to empty when it's not, then will jump back to correct fuel level. I was told this was a common problem in the early 2000 trucks and it is a bad sending unit. 2 mechanics stated it was a known problem and not worth fixing as it is an expensive fix and does not affect the performance. This also in turn makes the SES light kick on now and then. Also all the headlights and running lights are always on even if switch is in off position.

The truck burns no oil and actually drives like new, tight front end nice and smooth. Interior is immaculate.
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