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Originally Posted by valk View Post
nj, huh? Cutting much blue grass there? I've been meaning to start a thread about my least favorite grass...and i'd vote for blue grass. I cut tall (3.5"-4") due to our regional climate...and blue grass seems to need to be cut shorter (and bagged) to really look its best i think. While i only have 2 'true' bg lawns...i'm not as satisfied with how they look after cutting/side-discharging compared to our more usual fescue lawns.

I think the real problem with bg is how thick it is...therefore it can't absorb clippings as well as fescue when side-discharging. Granted, bg will repair itself in the spring/fall. But, our usual hot/humid/dry summer's here are usually brutal to the point of early bg dormancy...though it always comes back nicely in the fall.

mainly fescue or bluegrass, try cutting the bg even higher, this lawn here is cut at transport height every fifth day, i call it yankee stadium, sprinklers run for two hours, twice a day rain or shine.
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