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Workers Comp With No or Little Payroll

I am in KY and a one man band with no employees. My business is primarily mowing with the occasional fert, shrub trimming, or mulch job mixed in to existing customers. I really don't push anything except mowing. For the jobs other than mowing if they are too large for me to do myself I might pick up a helper a few times a year, but other than that I have no employees and no payroll.

I carry a 2mil/4mil general liability policy and am operating as a dba. I have a couple of commerical mowing accounts where I work through other people who have the contracts. On these accounts we apply my general liability and they are cutting the workers comp from my check at the rate of 10-11%.

My question is can I purchase workers comp with no full time employees and just pay on what little payroll I do have, or in situations like this is it based on a predetermined amount, and if so how is this determined? I assume 10-11% is a fair rate and really don't want to get into the paperwork and aggravation of carrying comp unless the rate would be cheaper than what I am getting cut now and I could save some money.

Thanks for any advice.
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