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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
WIN from organic sources would probably last just as long as coated synthetics. Remember, N release for coated synthetics is mediated by temperature, so release is slow when its cold and faster when its hot. WIN N from organic sources is mediated by microbial activity -- essentially temperature and moisture. When moisture is not limiting, WIN releases slower when its cold and faster when its hot.

I don't think there's much difference between the two when it comes to overwintering.
Would I be correct in saying that skipping out on a organic based fert for Fall makes more sense in favor of a synthetic product with slow release or even fast release due to added cost of product....? Pound for pound synthetic has more N value for the dollar.

Especially if a client insists on Spring power racking and haul off...?

In repeated experience has been a low mow in the Spring and even leaving the debris in place promotes a faster green up than the power racking/ dethacth drill.

Many on lawnsite make a chunk of change on this spring service and regardless of facts or what is best for the lawn...will continue to do this service for cash flow.
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