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Originally Posted by Sprinkler Buddy View Post
I'm still waiting on my kick backs! lol Most of the time the larger company don't know it was I that referred them, maybe I should let them know from here on out. :-)
Definitely! This one guy I was talking about has apparently been sending us decent jobs for a while now, and I wasn't even aware of it until this big job came along. My office manager mentioned it to me when she booked the appt. for me. She said, "This is a guy who's been referring a lot of stuff our way this year. We got a SynLawn job from him, a few leads for install jobs, and lots of irrigation service work from him." I was surprised she hadn't mentioned it before. But when I sent him the thank-you package recently I told him that whenever he sends people our way to definitely tell them to mention that he sent them to us (so I can keep track) and to ask for me to be the estimator (as we have 4 estimators at our company). That way I can keep track of what jobs we do land and send him more rewards, as we land them. He's out there creating free marketing for us!

There's several other guys in town like this too. One of my estimators has landed a few jobs from one of the other guys here in town and recently called me and asked, "This LCO is sending quite a lot of stuff our way and every time the customers say how much they love him and if he recommends us, we must be great too and they don't get any competing bids, etc. Can I go take this guy out to lunch as a thank-you for the stuff he's sending our way?" I said, "Yes! And if he's been sending us good leads and you're landing these jobs you should not only take him out to lunch, but surprise him with a $100 or $200 Visa Gift Card (we do those because those are easy to document as a tax write-off, where cash is not) and definitely let's start a good relationship with this guy! Tell him to have his customers ask for you whenever he calls so you can keep up on how much he's sending our way and then keep rewarding him every so often. This guy can help YOU land more jobs and help your commission rates go up!"

I think it's great to have relationships with companies like this. And as one person said, even BIGGER companies. When I was a small fry I had this bigger company who would send us small clean-up and maintenance jobs as they weren't interested in that stuff at all and they knew we didn't do the big install jobs so they didn't view us as competition. That worked out well too.
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