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Advice on Lawn Treatment

I hope I am not too out of place here, since I am by no means a professional in the lawn care industry. I read a lot of great advice here and thought I'd post my question here.

This is on behalf of my dad. He has right at 2 acres of lawn that gets mowed regularly. This year he had a terrible problem with chickweed, so when his "annual guy" came out to spray his yard it killed the chickweed but then about a month later (late June, early July) Crabgrass set in. And now, it looks like he is starting a crabgrass farm. It has really overtaken a good portion of the lawn.

I am looking to get advice on what type of product should be applied. He is never going to spend the money to treat 2 acres often enough to have a pristine lawn, but He will pay for an annual "Fert & Squirt". I am not really happy with the results he got with the current company. I believe that he sprayed the yard too late, and the Pre-em. did not catch the Crabgrass. Am I guessing right?

What should he be looking for in a new company? What would be the going rate to treat 2 acres of lawn once a year. I know treating a lawn once a year will never yield AMAZING results, but I am just trying to be realistic, as I know he will not pay for 4+ treatments a year.

Any and all advice is appreciated.
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