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Originally Posted by lee b View Post
It started doing it at .2 hours, spring is exactly 9". When it quits cutting the grass where the blades overlap and some of the rest is just laid over, the blades are slowing down. I took the spring off and can't see any way to adjust the length, thinking about adding another spring.
Maybe your belt is slipping, but it could be several other things as well. It sounds though, like you may have gotten a belt that is out of spec for the app. I would have the dealer take a look at it or measure it to check. That would be covered under warranty. Is your deck a MOD deck?

There's a nut on the end of the spring with a jam nut against it. Loosen the jam nut and tighten the inner nut to draw the spring tighter towards the end with the nuts, which lengthens the spring coil area.

BTW- I run a 2012 Z950, so I'm not just shooting from the hip here.
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