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Well, the main reason is that they have disqualified pre-existing conditions from setting insurance rates. So I'm a "34 year old male" without my existing health condition having any input on my rates. This is a nationwide change, And it keeps our insurance company from singling out our small company and saying "you guys have a couple people with (fill in the blank) health issue, so you have to pay more."

I think it's important to be even handed in your assesment of this law. I'm not happy about the way that it hands so much more business to insurance companies, but there are a handful of great things in it, such as what I mentioned above, and also requiring a certain % of premiums be spent on care.

Our health care system is really not good. We pay more than almost any other country, and our collective health as a nation is not particularly good. I'd like to see improvement, and I don't know how you do that without trying new programs like this. I don't think all of this yelling and shouting about how it's going to ruin our country is helpful. Right now, health care catastrophes ruin families. I'm in favor of improving the system, and I'm willing to see if this works.
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