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When you break down this con you are going to find most major corporations if not practically all of the worlds corporations controlling stocks are owned by the same dynasties. This includes the insurance companies who wrote Obama care.

This whole system or prison being erected around you is a hit job on free and open markets by the Marxist Gang. Who is the Marxist gang you ask? the people running this counterfeiting con job we use as money.

They figured out centuries ago that if they could counterfeit the money and not be audited they could rule the world. Obama care is just an extension of their plan to completely dominate and destroy America.

Ron Paul had his finger on the button to blow the lid off this whole thing but Daa Daa herd be so stupid they could not figure it out.

He had a bill in congress to Audit Fort Knox and show everybody all our real money had been stolen and a bill to audit the Federal Reserve an show everybody who stole it.

The banks who own the FED are the ones who wrote Obama care and supply you with the credits to run your life on a daily basis.

DAA HERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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