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Originally Posted by BckYrdLmbrJk View Post
Yeep, Mine does the same thing with the gas light/gauge. My old chevy did it too, and everyone else I know with a chevy for that matter. If you ever have to replace the fuel pump thats the time to fix it. I just deal with it.

My SES light blinks due to a multiple misfire code aka the code from hell in these things. I think I mentioned that in another forum we were talking trucks. And the tow haul mode doesn't turn on...but very rarely it does..and doesn't turn off. I wish mine didn't have any rot, you should see it LOL. That must be nice.

Good luck getting to the bottom of this, I know what a pain it is havin issues with these things, trust me. Atleast you don't drive a ford
Yes I do recall talking about them. I had a 2004 1500 at one point and the tow/haul had the same problem you mentioned. Apparently after 4 years it had not been worked out, my 2000 does not have that problem. Mechanic said same thing wait till if and when fuel pump goes, he said His 2002 does same.
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