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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
we do mostly residential installs and i was thinking what the difference between a 3/4" and a 1" double check backflow assembly was? most all of our installs are on 5/8" meters and that is at a flow rate of about 10-12 GPM...if i remember correctly, isn't a 3/4" double check capable of about 20 or more GPM?

my question is, would it make more sense to use a 3/4" instead of a 1" in this situation for these reasons:

1). cheaper
2). fits in a box easier, not as crammed as a 1"

am I missing anything?
We do it 12 times a week. The performance is better out of a 3/4 @ 12 gpm because the checks fully open and do not "float." Like you said, it fits better in the box and you can get the wye strainer in the box and service it easily.

Do it!
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