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After 20 plus years in "Corporate America," I purchased a Weed Man franchise earlier this year and I am very happy with the company and the support I have been given. After doing extensive research on numerous types of industries and business models, this industry and the Weed Man model made perfect sense. Yes, they do have franchise fees and ongoing royalties, but we know all of that upfront. I could not have been close to where I am today if I had to do it all myself from scratch. It is not that I lack the intelligence or motivation, it is the lack of a more precious commodity - TIME. The time I would have wasted on finding the right quality equipment, software, computer systems, ad slicks, proven marketing strategies, establishing vendors, etc would have taken too much time. And given the fact that I can call my sub-franchisor or the folks in Canada and get an answer almost immediately on any aspect of the business has been most helpful. And don't forget, banks will lend to a franchise much faster than just a "Schmuck with a Truck." Why? The model has typically proven successful and reduces their risk. And it reduces mine as well.

And don't forget the buying power of Weed Man. With all of the locations across North America, saving a buck or two on a bag of fert IS worth it!

And I AM IN BUSINESS FOR MYSELF. I make my customers happy every day just like everyone else. I make business decisions everyday myself or in consultation with those who have years of experience. I try to make as few mistakes as possible.

I understand and appreciate the whole idea of "starting from scratch" but it wasn't for me. I did buy a "business-in-a-box" and am happy and proud to be associated with the Weed Man brand. The leadership is exceptional. And the name "Kyle's Lawn Care" just didn't sound quite as good as WEED MAN! And there is not a day that goes by that someone passing in a car doesn't laugh and wave and even take pictures. Doesn't everyone like the Weed Man?

And there's my two cents...
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