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Originally Posted by sbuchanan8154 View Post
American owned would only work in Michigan if you were opening a party store
It would be a hit for gas stations around here.

To the OP I don't have any So Cal specific information but in general craigslist will generate a few calls with a quality ad. I simply put the image of my print ad on there and added a few words at the bottom so I come up in keyword searches and got some work from there. General consensus on the site is to make a website, I'm guessing it would be hard to rank on google in your area but just having a website to put on your other advertisements makes you seem more legit.

I have a facebook page and I haven't had anyone specifically call and say they saw me on facebook but facebook gives you information on every post you make telling you how many people saw your post and again maybe they see something about you on facebook then somewhere else then somewhere else and decide to call. Somewhere buried in this forum they mention that it takes 3 times of seeing your information before they call. Be it a lettered truck, a website, a facebook post, a door hanger etc. Getting your name out there as many ways as possible creates brand recognition which will get you work.
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