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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
I checked into hydro seeding and it seeems to be the way to go. They said they mix the centipede in with a hybrid bermuda. According to them the bermuda gives a stand of grass the 1st year and then the centipede takes over as time goes. What do you think about this?

Tenacity, good idea, would you apply pre plant or after seed germinates?

So a triazine such as metsulfuron would not affect new seedlings? I read the label and it mentions new landscape plantings but not grass seed. Just wondering since I tend to use metsulfuron a lot.
No bermuda. It is faster growing than the centipede and if it does not die out or get choked out, what an expensive mess to kill off. I would use the Tenacity as the preemergent over the seeded area, with the ability to apply two more 4 oz application if needed. Metsulfuron should be saved for when the centipede has been growing for at least a year. I would consider milder products like Quicksilver for broadleaf weed control during grow in.
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