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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Its done all the time. Wave the wand. Its just like spray painting. Skill. Practice with water on cement. After a few minutes you will learn how to apply it evenly, and establish the width of your swath. And determine the gallons per 1000 feet. This way you can do large areas and still reach into tiny spaces. Not much different than using a spray gun and hose. Do not wave a flat-fan type nozzle. Keep the pressure low and you can get more sqft out of 4 gallons. Apply less water and save fill-ups.
You almost had me happy till you said don't wave a fan tip. Why do you say that? I have a fan tip and started waving cause it just takes to darn long to strip spray. I used to spray furniture many years ago and the process seems similar to me.
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