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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Because in essence this is a new TAX.

Say you are poor. Many poor people have good credit, because they never finance anything. So you're poor, have no money, no insurance, and the IRS fines you. You can't afford to pay the fine, so now the IRS has filed a tax lien on you. Because you do not have insurance for yourself. This is too extreme.

1/2 of me wants this Obamacare.

1/2 of me hopes it gets blown to pieces. We didn't ask to be born, don't fine us because we don't have insurance. Fines are for irresponsible people.
Yup! If you can't afford to pay the fine the IRS puts a tax lein on you! So my guess is IF you can't afford insurance and that occurs then you can kiss whatever income tax refund that you may have been entitled to when you file your taxes goodbye! And it will keep happening year after year until you have insurance or the individual mandate is repealed! And as long as Obama is in office I personally do not see the economy improving. So I don't see many being able to afford insurance anytime soon! Seems like a government money grab! Modern day Robin Hood!
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