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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
22mpg empty and 15 towing mixed highway. 7x16 v nose. I attribute most of it to the tranny and the motor putting out a good amount of low end torque right at the 1500rpm cruising range.
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Is this the 4wd model or 2wd...?

I have 3.4l V6 T100 4wd and I'm hard pressed to get 15mpg empty driving in hyper-miler mode. Towing with mixed 11-12mpg.

My recent acquisition is a smaller 2000 4wd Tacoma 2.7l 4 cylinder slated for an UteBed so I can have a full size truck bed area with better mpg.... 22 mpg empty on the Tacoma.

An 8' bed Tundra will be next for me.
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