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Thank you for the reply Turf Dawg.

Please forgive my ignorance and inexperience of my next question.

I've been wanting to use Celsius but am a bit confused by the label directions.

Most of my career is spraying homes and yards for insects. I've only been spraying turf and right of ways for weeds for about a year. I have two truck mounted sprayers and my general calibrated rate for most products i spray is around 2 to 2 1/2 gallons per 1000.

The label of Celsius states to use a max of 60 gallons per acre. And along with that, it states that a larger droplet size is optimal. However, even at 20 psi and a large droplet, that is a bit difficult with my truck sprayer and hand held gun.

I called Bayer and they said my results will be diminished if I add more water to my mix even though I would still be applying the 2.4 grams per 1000.

I'm not asking anyone to tell me something that goes against the label as it does say to use 2.4 grams per 1000. So will adding enough water to suit my calibration speed while still applying 2.4 grams per 1000 really diminish my results that much?

Honestly, I really didn't want to ask this question and do hope no one slams me for my inexperience. I'm just trying to learn.

Thanks for any help.
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