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I'd say you've got a tough road up ahead, I don't know what to tell you, only you can know the true story... Perhaps there is a difference... When I started my business I had some money saved too, but it was all money that I started saving years ago for the explicit purpose of starting my own business. You have to know for yourself where this money comes from, don't tell me, I don't care but I can tell you if the money just so happens to be there, it may not be the right kind of money.

The other thing that concerns me...
Is you've been working for someone else for 32 years and you have just enough saved at 55 for a trailer, a truck, and a walk-behind? Again I don't know but you're 14 years from retiring and that's all you have, or is that money you put away specifically for this purpose, I don't know, only you do.

It's a tough, competitive market, don't kid yourself, you're competing against guys who don't mind working for 5 bucks an hour and you might think the cheap guys do cheap work but the fact is some of the cheapest do some of the best... A lot of us were here before the recession, guys like myself, I don't mean to come down hard or to brag but I can tackle some work for little money, there isn't much out there that scares me too bad... The customers didn't wake up yesterday either, just saying, and I know you think you can tackle that but again don't think they haven't dealt with the first shrewd landscaper, a lot of your first 4-5 year customers are used to tough cookies and that's not all bad because at least they're willing to give the new guy a chance but it is a hard road up ahead.

Good luck

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