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Originally Posted by Wizz View Post
I am looking for a pole saw for trimming 6-8" oak branches, medium duty use. I like the 5 year warranty of the Echo PTT280 but I do not like the loop handle, but I hear the shaft may be stronger on the Echo. From what I researched the HT101 seems like a reliable unit, I know the HT131 has more power but I've read more complaints about it when compared to the 101. My other equipment is Stihl so I am familiar w/doing valve adjustments.

Any experiences/suggestions?
Stihl has better power, but the telescoping shafts suck. I have a ht101, shaft broke last week. Not a cheap fix. Echo simply wins the polesaw reliability award.

If I had it to do over, I'd buy the Echo. Just don't hear about people breaking their telescoping shafts.
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