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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Yes there are some out there that work well becuz they have adequate amounts of NPK, but so do synferts... the subject of the current discussion is determining what the MO in building the microherd is... if you're not building the microherd at the same time you're providing adequate NPK, it would be considered gimmicky and a waste of the clients' money...

So,,, if you build it they will come... the real issue of building habitat is the heart of organics...

Sorry smallaxe, had too much school work going on yesterday and was to wore out here to come get schooled with more education by you. But you know my opinion about organics, or else I wouldn't be using Lesco as a fertilizer. Now don't get me wrong, I believe there are few organic products out there such as compost that adds positive things that we need to the soil. While nearly everything that works includes a ratio of N-P-K there are other micro nutrients that our lawns need to grow such as Iron, Zinc, Boron, Magnesium, Zinc, and etc. that are often forgot about. I've seen few synthetic fertilizers in the big box store that focused on micro nutrients. If you want to green up your lawn quick, a good N-P-K ration might do your lawn some good, but what about the micro-organisms that are soil needs? From my understanding of all the readings I've done, a steady supply of synthetics will indeed have that green lawn, but wouldn't syns tend to kill the micro-organisms and living things in the soil that we do need to avoid our soil from coming to compacted? While it seems a lawn schedule that includes synthetic fertilizers would indeed provide your lawn with what you need, but wouldn't composting help add the micro-organisms and micro nutrients that our grass also needs to be healthy? Maybe I'm completely wrong and you can give me a better understanding, but from what I've read that's my current view on the main difference between the two; is the nutrients in which they offer and how they offer them. I think it would also be a fair statement to say, synthetics offer a better supply of NPK ratio to have the lawn appear like it's healthy, I also believe there's a beneficial side to certain organics that provide the micro nutrients and organisms that our soil and lawn also needs. But it would also be a fair statement in my eyes to say, most of the "organics" sold are sold to make $$ to the salesman as you stated, because half of the organics don't offer these needed nutrients, while a few organics such as compost, Alpha Tea, and various other things will help provide the correct nutrients and organisms that our soil needs. Feel free to correct me if my theory is wrong, but that's my perspective as of right now from what I've read. But like I mentioned, I will agree most of the organic products are "gimmicks" for someone to put bucks in the wallet.
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