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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Yes there are some out there that work well becuz they have adequate amounts of NPK, but so do synferts... the subject of the current discussion is determining what the MO in building the microherd is... if you're not building the microherd at the same time you're providing adequate NPK, it would be considered gimmicky and a waste of the clients' money...

So,,, if you build it they will come... the real issue of building habitat is the heart of organics...

I read your last sentence also, and it seems like a statement that holds it's worth. I agree if you build with organics, the soil structure will build overtime, but like you said, it's hard to build solely on organics without addition to the most needed nutrients that most syn ferts also include.

While I don't see nothing wrong with either, they give us what we need in some way or another, I see the most difficult challenge is distinguishing between which organic products are a "gimmick" and which ones actually provide us with those micro nutrients and organisms. I also see a challenge when you solely depend on "organics" or solely on "syn." In my opinion if you find the correct balance "organics" and the correct "synferts" you could have the best of both worlds, but I think it all boils down to determining exactly what your soil has in it and exactly what it needs. But I would agree that depending soley on "organics" isn't going to provide you with what you need to have a quick green up, which is what a lot of people out there are looking for, UNLESS you find something that is high in N obviously.
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