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Small axe, while your chiming in with your perspective on things, I would also love to hear your perspective on another topic. Keep in mind your climate is completely opposite of ours. Some say not to apply ferts after September. However our temperatures for the season don't drop until October/November. While you guys temps. may drop way earlier. Obviously, this late in the season you don't want something high in nitrogen, but from my understanding it would be helpful to have something with a higher formula on the last two. For example 5-10-15 ( or even a 0-10-15 (If I could locate it) in the October/November months when are temps. are still in the 80's and also before the cool season kicks in. While I believe it would benefit us with warm season grasses to stay away from nitrogen in late season, it seems to me as if a 0-10-15 or 5-10-15 might be of some benefit for building a healthy turf. While my perspective could be completely wrong, I would love to hear your input on this. Debates and discussions tend to teach me more than textbooks, hence why I love staying on the forum so much and I would love to hear your input on this.
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