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Applying too much synthetic fertilizer from my understanding will greater the risk of Fungi and other problems. However, if you apply at the correct rates this should greatly decrease the risk of Fungi and the various other problems. However, too much water, to little water, whether your lawn is shaded or not, there are many other various other factors that will play into factor. While I argue the fact that there are few organic products out there that actually do provide beneficial micro nutrients and organisms, there are few that will provide the right formula for that "eye catching" that the lawn needs. I wouldn't rule out composting the lawn 2-3 times during the growing season. But as far as synferts go, research your climate, your type of grass, and figure out exactly how much nitrogen your grass needs. Don't apply fert. by the lb., but rather by the lbs. of actual nitrogen your giving the lawn. While too much nitrogen will increase chances of fungi, you won't have to worry as much if your applying at the correct rate. What type of lawn do you have? For prime example, we went with Zoysia, I know not to apply more than 3-4 lbs a year to Zoysia, however our lawn has sun for half the day, shade for half the day, so I'm cutting the nitrogen rate for our lawn down a 1/3rd from the recommended nitrogen rate. I honestly believe there are various factors count here, maybe if you show some pics. of your lawn, type of grass, shade/sun conditions, etc. you might be able to receive a little more help.
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