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Originally Posted by BlazersandWildcats2009 View Post
First of all, I learned a lot from this website. There are many people here with valuable, valuable information that can get you started in the right direction. I can give you some good hope and tell you that our lawn looked as bad or if not worse than yours. We had everything you can think of, way too much shade, compacted soil, root issues, bug issues, no free-air movement because of our new fencing, and many other problems to list. If you take the tie and dedication you can defiantly make the lawn look like the second picture above, but it will take some work. Grass isn't just going to grow, I would first send a soil sample off, and see what your looking like then people can give you much better advice. If your soil is bad, changing and improving the soil structure will most likely be one of your first steps. Also, there are certain grasses that will grow in shade, ours is Pallisides Zoysia, which is suppose to grow well in the shade. But I can tell you, all grass grown on the farm is grown in sun. Next to soil structure improvement, you would most likely benefit a lot from clearing out any and as much as shade as possible. Some suggest any tree limbs 8 foot from the ground, we took ours up to about 15 feet. Don't let money be your down fall, because I used a $30.00 pole saw from Home Depot, and a hand saw and climbed the tree and did it by hand. Here's some before and after of ours, but as I said I did a lot of work to the soil structure, tree's, etc. and did it by hand without renting rollers, machines, tractors, box blades, or anything of that manner. I used a shovel, hole, wheel barrow, good soil, compost, rakes, and days of sweating and work. Took a few weeks to go from this

to this...

Hours of research would tell you everything you need to know. Look at some of my post, and research and read some of the advice that Agrostics offered us through our entire process. Our entire lawn was a mess, never taken care of, infested in weeds, and worse the soil was so compacted nothing would grow, with the exception of crab grass and weeds.
I assume this is a sod job. Zoysia doesn't grow from seed that fast and only a few species are available. Nice job regardless.
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