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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
The all in ones have really come a long way. As RS stated the biggest drawback is lack of oil capacity and they haven't made any really big units yet. They have their place. In the the top of the line regardless of maker I still prefer seperate pump and motor. They produce the torque needed by the big frame 60 and 72 models that will see severe duty. Another downfall with the all in ones is you can't add aux coolers and they have strainers instead of filters. All fine for light to med duty but not severe yet.
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The Kanzaki units Deere uses have a gear reduction unit in them so they can pull the heavy Z's with relative ease. They have filters, not screens- one for each unit, and the new R models like the previous A models have the cross porting for cooling while side hill mowing, plus the large fans over each unit.

Self contained are the wave of the future IMO.
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