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Legality of 1099 Employee's and going after money owed

Hi folks,

I have a couple of questions maybe some of you might be able to help me with.

Recently I was laid off by a company I've been working for in the county since March. He required me to sign a 1099 and also sign a form stating if I was hurt on the job that it's not his problem. What's the legality of this situation?

Secondly, this same employer also owes me about $900 of wages that I was never paid. I'm not really sure how to go about getting that money back except small claims? How do I prove that he does indeed owe me money? Is it up to him to prove to the courts that he doesn't owe me money, or is it up to me to prove with facts he does?

The guy is a real dirbag so I'd like to stick it to him for treating his workers like crap and not making right on money owed.

Two years ago I was employed by a company that worked in The Villages who tried to use a loophole as "farm time" (they owned a nursery) to not pay any overtime. Long story short I had the Labor and Wages Dept open up a huge investigation requiring them to pay fines and all back wages to every employee who worked there in the last two years. Maybe they can help me this time too?

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