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Originally Posted by TomG View Post
Go rent a 5T mini excavator. Hire a Tri-Axle. Like zedo said should only be one load. Be done in a few hours. I ripped out 3500sf on Tuesday 3in thick. It was two loads in our Tri-Axle, took me 2 hrs to rip it out. By far the quickest way to do it unless you get a big machine... if you can operate an excavator.
I agree, We have a Deere 50D with a hydraulic thumb.

with that thumb you can pull a driveway and only use a comealong to smooth it back out.

I use a local guy to haul that has an older L9000 with a swing gate, it takes more time to haul the concrete than it does to load the truck. so we try to form it back up as we go. in that case we have 4-6 guys on the job.

We can rip out a typical drive and have it poured back in the same day.

then again we just did a mud slab for a fellow contractor to lay pavers on, prepped and poured from new construction virgin dirt 90 yards in 3 days.
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