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Originally Posted by JCLawn and more View Post
Its not a supply issue. This would be like jd having a supply issue. They have the parts, they use them every day on the assembly line. 2 dealers said the same thing, they won't send parts, they won't tell us what's going on until we call and ask, and they don't care. This the largest worldwide lawn equipment manufactor. This is not limited to this part, the dealer said its every order they make. Also on the L's the Kubota of left hand side breaks.

Your up late haha
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That's is a supply problem bro. They have the parts, but can't supply them right now. I've read various reasons for it, but who knows the real story?

If the L's have them on the left finally, it's only recently, and they should have been all along. If Deere could figure it out, and then New Holland several years after that, it should have taken a good company like Kubota so long to get it right, and it darn sure shouldn't be limited to just their flagship model.

So are you LOL.
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