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Originally Posted by SusieH View Post
I have a few suggestions:
1. Take a good look at your hiring practices since the people you hire are not staying long and may not have the correct skills to get the job done in a timely manner:
* Do you have a job description that addresses the 'hard labor' aspect and expectations of the position and the skills needed?
* Are you paying a fair wage for the type of work you require?
* Do you have a previous experience requirement?
* Are you checking their refenerences?
2. Use a database program or Excel spreadsheet (even the old fashion paper way will work) to list out past jobs and capture:
* The steps to complete the job
* The time it took to complete each step
* The cost associated with each step to include labor (hourly rate, worker comp, payroll taxes, etc.), equipment costs (cost, replacement, maintenance), fuel, supplies or product used, transportation time, value of your time for project management
* Determine the real cost of the job
* Determine the profit level you would like to achieve
* Determine what the job should have been quoted at
3. Consider that the above is time consuming. Many businesses I've worked with on business management relate that they are too busy, or have too much work to complete this process. However, it will be invaluable for you for future planning/costing. It will provide you with a framework for costing future jobs and aid in decision making on whether of not it is cost effective or profitable to take on certain jobs. Remember, the point of being in business is to make money, not give away your hard work due to poor planning.

Hope this is helpful...
I mention in the ad that the job is hard work and requires physical labor like shoveling, lifting heavy blocks, digging trenches and others. I am paying at or above other landscape, construction or factory positions.
I wish I could do a previous experience requirement but I wouldn't been able to hire any except one this year. I don't require it because I think if someone says they are wanting to get into landscaping I would like to give the opportunity to grow and learn the skills.
I will be doing background checks and drug test from now on.

Yes I do need and want to keep track of each step it takes to determine a profitable price for jobs. Like you mention we are too busy and that is my excuse. When I am trying to do everything I just want to get the job done and am not concerned about trying to write down the process and checking the clock to see how long it takes. A lot of time we are working on different things at the same time so it is hard to seperate each step. I do hope to be able to implement something next year. Thanks for your response.
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