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Originally Posted by DaveyBlue32 View Post
If you're paying "pokey man" $17. An hour to wonder around you are getting hosed. You need to comply to rest/ break periods threw the corse of the day ...
10am...lunch....2pm....5pm if going till dark.
If you can't run an ad in a newspaper of a city near you and find a few hardworking Mexican fellows you might want the consider setting a trailer up as a rental on a property close to the shop.... And make cheap rent part of your deal...To help good guys relocate to can't be a hardscaper without an experienced crew...and trying to worry about P&L Statements and things of that nature are totally irrelevant...if you can't get the work done. You need to be building the crew ...then the patios... Bra!
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The labor force is not real good in the Midwest or in the small towns anyway. Every type of business is hiring and I have been talking to other employers and said they can't find anybody worth it to work as well. All the ads on the radio are for job openings and the papers have a lot too. I have put ads up nationally and locally. No one wants to work unless they have a desk job making executives pay.

I think I do need to be able to get a couple experienced guys and things would be much better and I then could concentrate on making the business more profitable. Pricing a job with one person is much different that pricing it with 3 people working. Just been a wild ride this year and want it to be over.
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