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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
I am not saying RedShed is this person - but generally speaking - many contractors are piss poor bosses.

1) Are you paying the guys for drive time to and from the job site?

2) Employees are like women, you need to say nice things to them. Are you complimenting the workers?? And making them feel appreciated??

3) Games with the money. Are you playing games with their paychecks? From time to time I hear stories about how bosses deducted money from people's checks for stupid stupid reasons.

As an employer you always have to think about what you do and say. If you do or say anything that you as an employee would not like - then be assured your employee(s) won't like it either.

Yes I do pay to and from the drive site. One guy thought he got paid to drive from his house to my house since he lived in another town. He was done after that because he thought it wasn't right.

I will admit I am not very good at giving compliments in the past but this year I have been doing much better and trying let them know the good things they do but that hasn't been much. One guy was so slow, that after we completed the job a neighbor came over and asked me if I paid him to not work. I felt so embarrassed.

I pay regularly every two weeks. I don't play games. I don't pay cash and do everything the legal way, paying lots of taxes.
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