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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Because in essence this is a new TAX.

Say you are poor. Many poor people have good credit, because they never finance anything. So you're poor, have no money, no insurance, and the IRS fines you. You can't afford to pay the fine, so now the IRS has filed a tax lien on you. Because you do not have insurance for yourself. This is too extreme.

1/2 of me wants this Obamacare.

1/2 of me hopes it gets blown to pieces. We didn't ask to be born, don't fine us because we don't have insurance. Fines are for irresponsible people.
while I personally do not like the idea of fining people who do not get healthcare and some of the new rules for the healthcare companies. I do think quality info should be handed out. First off nobody that is classified as poor or even close to that classification would be fined as the income line is over $150,000 to where the fine kicks in. 2nd my insurance is dropping more then half from the exchange as is any of my friends and family that have looked it up so most insurance costs are not going up.
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