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Originally Posted by zturncutter View Post
Simply go down and file for unemployment compensation, that will get things started.
The following is only Hear say.

A 1099 subcontractor must supply his own transportation and tools. If he drives/rides in the company truck and uses company tools, he is an employee not a sub contractor. Employees must have workers comp and pay taxes & SS.

1099 subcontractors must also pay SS & Taxes.

Under Fla Chapter 482, Commercial Pest Control company can not 1099 any employee. If I so much as hire a spray hose puller for a day, I must put him on the books and take taxes out of his pay. This is one of the way the State is finding Rent A Licenses.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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