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Data on customers who move

So I sent my existing customer list over to the mailing company that send out our fall postcards. They put the data through an NCOA list to see who has moved.

I originally had 1125 customers on the list - these are active customers we have worked for in the last three years.
I then cut it down to 1050 to mail out.
Received a list of 71 that have moved in the last 12 months.
Of those that moved, 22 are still here in Colorado Springs and Monument.
17 of those are in areas we actually service.
11 of those moved to apartments or town homes that we cannot service.
So a total of 6 are still in the possible service area for us, just at a different address.

Just a little bit of data for some of you geeks. I've kind of become a data geek the last few years. Just wanted to share how many people move in/out of our area. With the 3 military bases, the Air Force Academy, and many defense contractors, we are a very transient community. People moving in and out all the time. I know, useless info for you all, but I still wanted to share.
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