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Here's the schedule I came up with for my Zoysia. I have yet to use a Fungicide treatment with the exception of Corn Meal, so I plan to keep CM in my routine. Also note, my lawn will be irrigated with exactly 1" through the growing season and 1/2" a week during the cooler months, and 1" a month during the winter months (which aren't extremely cold here.) I will also be mowing every week, once a week to fight off weeds. Zoysia is a very dense turf and naturally fights weeds when taken care of, note I am planning to keep herbicides and fungicides out of my schedule. I've done not hours, but hours, hours, hours, long nights, and long days into the research. I see an advantage to organic products and improving the soil with application after application, but I did not substitute "Organics" for "Synthetics", while I also tried to avoid the use of herbicides, fungicides, and too many chemicals. Note, on the Zoysia, I plan to compost first in early spring, while not applying a chemical fertilizer until after the second mowing.

I've heard and read many stories that will turn anyone to both sides of the road, so I decided, why not test it for myself? We have a duplex property with about 1,5000 sq. feet front and back on both sides of the property divided by a large concrete drive way. So better yet, instead of reading this, trying this, trying that, I decided to see what works best for me.

Here's the schedule I will be following for our newly laid Zoysia side. I kept chemical ferts to around 3 lbs. total of nitrogen for a year and will be using the "organics" to hopefully build the soil overtime. On the other side of the property I plan to use straight 15-5-10 throughout the year.

On the Zoysia side I will be following the schedule below:

March 1:
- Turkey Compost 1 y / 1,000
- Alfa Pellets 15 lbs. / 1,000
- Corn Meal 20 lbs. / 1,000
- Nematodes

March 20:
- Lesco 5-10-15 5p / 1,000

May 1:
- Turkey Compost 1 yd / 1,000
- Alfa Pellets 15 lbs. / 1,000
- Corn Meal 20 lbs. / 1,000

May 20:
- Lesco 15-5-10 5p / 1,000

July 1-
- Turkey Compost 1 y / 1,000
- Alfa Pellets 15 lbs. / 1,000
- Corn Meal 20 lbs. / 1,000

July 20-
- Lesco 15-5-10 2p / 1,000

September 10 -
- Lesco 15-5-10 5p / 1,000

October 1 -
- Corn Meal 10 lbs. / 1,000
- Alfa Meal 10 lbs. / 1,000

November 1-
- Biostimulate

December 1-
- Biostimulate

As I mentioned above, it is a very controversial subject. Some researchers say one thing benefits, while others say another benefits. Some have better results with one thing, while others might have better results with something else. Could it be that it depends on the "needs" of the soil? Well I came to conclusion there's no better way to find out than trying both methods and seeing which one works best. We have to lawns divided by about 400 sq. feet of drive way, so it will make an easy "side by side" comparison. Hopefully, by the end of next year and the following year, I will know what works best for "our" soil and lawn.
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