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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
Do you really need 1" of water a week? Do your soil's drain that fast?
Agrostics, that goes back to what we were discussing earlier. Which is where the rain gauge comes in real handy. However, my grass calls for 1" to 1 1/4" a week. I will obviously using the gauge to determine how much water for each week, but under drought times and summer months I will be giving it an inch a week. When the whether cools like now, I will be dropping that, when the spring rain arrives, that will be dropped according to the rain gauge. Honestly, I think from what I've seen so far, Zoysia will survive with less than an inch. But, why deprive the grass of one of the most essential need, especially when our summer temps. are very rarely below 100. As of right now, daily temperatures are dropping into the lower 90's and high 80's, so obviously less water is needed, but when temperatures are soaring above 100 I plan to go ahead and utilize that whole inch a week.

You've been following my lawn a long ways, I think the timing worked out in my favor. You know I kept it constantly watered last month, but now temperatures started dropping just about the time I made the cutback.

I done caught the USPS man and a Police Officer parked outside my front door taking a peek at the lawn, twice in one week.

Edit* I didn't add thatching, nor aeration to my list above, but it will defiantly be on there before it's printed.
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