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A review after one year of "light" commercial use.

This is an update to this thread I started about a year ago. I have now owned the T282 a little under one year. When I say light commercial use, I have used this trimmer two days per week (and I was solo) during fall, winter, spring and three days per week (all day, since I had an employee) during the summer.

Full Disclosure: About 2 months after purchasing, this trimmer fell of my trimmer rack at approximately 30-40 mph. The guy behind me picked it up and followed me into the parking lot and the only visible damage was the guard was broken the plastic casing was cracked a bit. It fired right up...

Plenty of power for the thickest grass, brush, or small woody plants (depending on the line you use).

Lightweight for its size, I don't mind carrying it around all day. But, I wouldn't mind a lighter one for regular customers, and using this when the grass is super thick.

Plenty of torque. It doesn't get bogged down very easily, and powers through most everything that I throw at it.


First, it NEVER starts on first pull. It doesn't matter if I shut it off 5 minutes ago at the last house and its still hot. I always have to choke it, pull twice, then pull two or three more times after choking it. Depending on how cold it is, it may die when feathering the throttle. Once its going it runs fine.

Second, the carburetor has given me problems. I had one replaced under warranty within 6 months of purchase, and am about to have that one replaced. When I brought it in the first time, it would not run with the choke open. Choke had to be over halfway shut to keep it running and even then its performance wasn't great. It is now doing the same thing again and when the problem happens, it does so quickly. It doesn't spend two weeks gradually getting worse. It will run fine one week, then crappy the next. Mechanic at my dealer's said this is not an uncommon problem with this model.

As a side note: I am extremely diligent with maintenance on my equipment. I bought with my cash and I want it to perform at its best and last me as long as possible.

I will probably not purchase this model again unless something changes. I would like to try the T242 since that one is light and has been around longer. I'm not writing them off because of one bad product (especially since it did fall off a trailer at 40 mph)

My next trimmer may be the SRM-280T by Echo. Incidentally, I have an Echo PAS-266 that I use as a daily edger, backup trimmer, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, etc. It gets used pretty frequently and I've NEVER had a problem with it. It starts right up at full throttle even if its sits a week and never misses a beat.
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