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Originally Posted by Hard Worker View Post
Thanks for the reply Tony. I'm wanting to use our site to attract potential employees. Does anyone accept online applications? Does anyone place Position openings on their site?
You're asking a yes/no question, which you reiterated, so I guess I'm not following you. Would you mind adding a bit more detail as to what you want know?

The "use our site to attract potential employees", via organic search, is covered in my reply, but there are 3 ways people will be attracted to your web site's employment openings:

1. organic search (see above)
2. Google Adwords campaign
3. Specifically directing people to your site, whether via their inbound calls, listing it in a newspaper ad, pasting it on trucks, whatever. Basically, you're treating it as an electronic brochure/app you personally direct them to.

Re: accepting online apps, you can use a web-based form they submit that dumps to a database or is sent to you via email. The other option is having a downloadable PDF that they fill out and email/fax/mail you.

If you don't get the replies you're looking for on here, but want to see a one-stop-shop of how numerous other companies do it, Google landscaping employment application.
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